Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate


Refreshing citrus flavours accompany this smooth and low acidity, round-bodied 16 hour brew. Our Cold Brew is made with a blend of our Brazil Blue Diamond and Zambia Kateshi Estates coffee that has cold brewed for 16 hours giving it a smooth taste with a low acid profile. When you have a cup of our Cold Brew Coffee you will first notice the round body and flavours of our Brazil however, the notes will then transfer to a more light citrus clean refreshing finish thanks to the Zambia coffee.

Mix one to one (125mL Cold Brew to 125 mL filtered water). 

We recommend:

~ one to one mix with Canada Dry Tonic Water and a squeeze of fresh lime over ice

~ 1/3 cup of Cold Brew in a blender with a 1/3 cup filtered water, ice, and a large overflowing tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk. Blend away and enjoy a Raefen Frappe!

~ serve it hot with a one to one mix with hot water and enjoy all the flavour benefits with none of the acidity in a typical cup of coffee

Keep Refrigerated

Ingredients: Cold brew processed coffee, filtered water.