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Brazilia Blue Diamond
Brazilia Blue Diamond
Brazilia Blue Diamond

Brazilia Blue Diamond

About one third of all the world's production of coffee is grown in Brazil. Many high quality espresso blends are made from either Bourbon Santos or Brazil Cerrado due to the ability of Brazilian coffees to take dark roasts without turning overly bitter. This is due in part to the mild, balance flavour of Brazilian coffee beans. Our Brazilia Blue is a single-origin, medium/dark roast. 

Tasting notes: Naturally sweet full bodied with a creamy mouthfeel. Notes of milk chocolate nuttiness and caramel. Roasted for a smooth lingering aftertaste. 

Country: Brazil

Region: Cerrado Minero

Farm: Pantano

Farmer: Versi Crivelenti Ferrero

Process: Pulped Natural

Variety: Catuai

Elevation: 1150 M

Recommended uses: Espresso, Drip, Pour-over or Press