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Bitumen Blend
Bitumen Blend

Bitumen Blend


We took this blend off the offerings recently as we had found we were not quite ecstatic about the flavour profile we wanted for a true blue Alberta style coffee.  We then took the time to sample and cup a TON of different coffees to find the perfect action packed flavour for an homage to the OG city we were founded in.

We finally found it!

This blend is multi talented as it holds up to any method and punches out a strong , dark and dangerous flavour profile all you dark roast lovers crave. HIgher in caffeine with the perfect notes of smokey dark chocolate, caramel, and a slight stone fruit like sweetness this is, quite literally, THE BEST coffee flavoured coffee around!

Choice of 340g, 454g or 1kg

Choice of method grind or Whole Bean. Just scroll over the Weight or Grind to access drop down list to choose.

Country: Heinz 57

Farmer: A guy that digs in the dirt

Varietals: A bit of this, a bit of that

Elevation: Well above sea level

Process: Random

Dark Roast

Great for: French Press, Espresso, Drip, Pour Over